Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bicycle Banter: Travel

We travel day by bicycle.
Drink, eat, bike. Drink, eat, bike.
Drink, eat, sleep.

We travel afternoon by train,
plains running slower than the power lines.
The lounge car with people perusing-
city folk, farm folk, Omish folk, mountain folk.

We travel evening by train,
all wandering folk, all to leave a place to get to a place-
Glacier, The Oil Boom, Fargo for farewell,
Mom at the hospital, St. John's.

We travel morning by train.
The rising sun calls for listening with the heart,
a stranger pouring his life into my story.

I travel day by car, with monks.
Pray, eat, work. Pray, eat, work.
Pray, eat, sleep.

I travel day by foot.
Alone with God.

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