Saturday, June 01, 2013

Episode 26: 2013.5

Welcome to June everyone! We are halfway through 2013. I can't believe it. June has always been enjoyable for me because it meant a lot of things over the years, but mainly the end of the school year. My brother is graduating high school and I get to vicariously live another transitioning point in life. What a great time it is- the freedom and remorse (or joy) of leaving home and figuring out how to wake up, study, exercise, eat, sleep, and hang out all in one day.

As a full-time working class citizen, I've found the similar adaptations I've needed to implement to successfully do all that, including studying! A wise person once told me to "study, study, study," even after finishing school since life is always learning. Why stop? Some things I've learned these past 6 months:
  • Pray. Not religious, then express gratitude for the good things in life because there is at least one good thing going for us even in our darkest hour.
  • Eat. Be conscious what you eat, not just go on a strict diet. Listen to your body and your thoughts and you'll be rewarded a hundred-fold.
  • Work. Not employed? Write. Exercise. Volunteer. Socialize. Why? Because even the smallest thing we do contributes to our future. Try something new, go to a different coffee shop or smile at a stranger- work to make the world a better place.
  • Sleep. Good work deserves good sleep. Can't sleep? Count sheep! Absurd you say? I was just kidding. Work harder to sleep harder. Decide to have a good night's sleep by eating, working, exercising so to get up and do it again.
  • Go to Nature. The famous wilderness activist John Muir said, "The mountains are calling and I must go." Stop and smell the roses- listen to the bugs, and the water, and the mountain.
Does this sound like a pep-talk to you? Because it is. Halfway through the year, how's the new year's resolution, the lifestyle change, the new image? If it's not up to your expectation, then reevaluate and decide on a realistic goal. If you have met your expectations, cool, you are awesome. Then do nothing :) Or if that's not good enough for you then set another goal for the next 6 months.
People ask what's the meaning of life. I jokingly left work one day and said,

"I'm going out to find the meaning of life."

I came back the next day and they said, "so... the meaning of life?"

I looked dumbfoundedly only thinking about it the day before, moments after I had said it.

After a pause, "the meaning of life- to ride. To drink a beer. And to watch the sunset." I was surprised even myself as the words were coming out.

Come to think about it, that is what the meaning of life- to ponder life and enjoy what we do.