Friday, September 14, 2012

Bicycle Banter: Numbers, Maps, and Things

For the rest of my tour route, click here. If you are remotely (~25 miles) close to this route and would like to provide your front yard, please contact me at Thanks!

Some numbers so far for y'all:

Days: 32
States: 7
Miles by bike: 1,200
Miles by train: 1,200
Miles by car: 100
Days of sun: 30
Days of rain: 1
Days of snow: 0
Mountain passes: 3
Hikes: 4
Average daily mileage by bike: 62
Average speed (mph) by bike: 12
Showers: 16
Laundry: 8
Flat tires: 0
Ounces of white gas consumed: 28
Calories burned: 160,000
Days with monks: 5
Days with family: 9
Bears: 3
Bald Eagles: 2
Animal noises I've learned to make: 4
AND a picture, for kicks- Gus the touring cyclist, and Gus the dog:
Until next time.

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SAMK said...

If you ride back, I have a Parish for you to visit in Beaverton,Oregon.
Holy Trinity is wonderful- young, diverse, welcoming, great pastor, fab website, stirring music (Ken Canedo plays the piano w/ morning choir!) Bob and I went this morning- visited friends in Portland- really enjoyed it- lots we all can learn!