Monday, July 01, 2013

Bicycle Banter: The Law of Beauty

Oh beautiful. If beauty be good for the soul: what is this world?

A woman. Pretty face, high cheekbones, eyes that smile, gentle curves.

Of nature. Water flowing in the sun, commands attention through sound and touch. A tree whispering secrets above, the ground rooted with footsteps of life.

A child. Taking small steps and finding joy in the little things, speaks truth frankly and no cares in the world.

Of silence. Hearing the voice of God; a heartbeat. A mute soul racing and the mind reaching, where dreams and fears manifest into reality or fantasy. Paradise awaits.

A monk. Standing and meditating. Moving intentionally and praying. Helps the pilgrim; says little though commands much. A life well-lived.

Our world is the beginning. Beauty is good for the soul: oh beautiful. 

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