Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Episode 19: The Things I've Learned: Part I

Think of a plan, make a plan, have a plan; but not everything goes according to the plan.

Reflecting on 79 days and counting every single day, I have tried to appreciate the accomplishments, no matter how little. Or the things I have failed to accomplish. Fail and reflect. Accomplish and reflect.

Agua de Vida. I would take a gander that 50% or more do not drink enough of the daily recommended amount of water. Or drink enough caffeine to counteract it.

If it's cold, be active. And wear layers. Stay dry. Have soup, hot tea, coffee, cocoa.

If it's hot, be active. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Enjoy the sun but not too much everything must be taken in moderation to avoid heat exhaustion.

Anger is a reactionary emotion. It can consume and give way to irrational thoughts.

Joy is a reactionary emotion. It can consume and give way to rational and irrational thoughts.

Hospitality can go a long way but don't count on it.

From mooing to cows to meeting people in my spandex, there's always a good story to tell when one stands out from the crowd.

Do not travel facing backwards on the train. We aren't meant to travel backwards.

Until next time.

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