Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode 12: We Gather at the Table

The fastest way to my heart is food. One very good thing about this place is the food. Not only is it a sampling of Cantonese, Hong Kong, Macanese and Portuguese food, it is (for the most part) cheaper than eating out than in America. The friends I've gathered with at table have been my most memorable experiences here.

Mexican food with Bella
Cantonese with Frances
Portuguese Egg Tarts with Maddy & Dad
Portugese food with Oscar, Dr. Ballou, Lindsey, & Maddy
I've also lived here long enough to find my favorite restaurant that's not in the Lonely Planet Macau & Hong Kong Guidebook.


Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, 65-B
Taipa, Macau, China [SAR]

Biking around makes one hungry. After lap around Taipa and Coloane islands, all I wanted was food, and I happily came upon a smiling chef and his friendly restaurant. It was the first of many times. Xiolas Castico (cash-tee-soo) and his restaurant is on the main road of Old Taipa Village. It's a quaint little place run by senhor chefe Castico and some Filipinos. And mmhmm was the food superb.

Presunto (ham), cheese and olives
Feijoada- Portuguese sausage, pork knuckle & red bean stew
Seafood rice. The best shrimps I've had in my life.
Fried Bacalau
Boiled Bacaulau
The food I have eaten here has no substitute. Furthermore, the friends that I have made here have no substitute. I will dearly cherish all the memories shared around the table.

Until next time.

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