Monday, April 09, 2012

Wet Monday

Back in the day post-Easter celebrations happened for a whole week. Spring Break for 2 weeks anyone? Yes please. On a day I thought I had little significance, Easter Monday, also known as Wet Monday, existed as a vague acknowledgement to my Catholic faith. The most interesting tradition in Eastern Europe is when boys wake up the unmarried girls with a bucket of holy water and strike their legs with decorated tree branches. I'm sure one can imagine to see how this tradition actually started. Mischievous boys.

Watch out! Used without permission. Sorry.
Ate (cousin in Tagalog) Jeannie first told me about it as it's an official celebration in Hong Kong. But not so in Macau. That won't stop me! Unfortunately, I don't think I'd make many friends if I followed through nor would I have any idea how to get into a girl's room unnoticed. In Southeast Asia, it is now the start of the rainy season and we've recently been reminded of such things that rain does exist in Asia. And it's only the beginning.

The gang outside of Macau/Se Cathedral
Coming back from playing organ at Macau Cathedral last night and a nice Easter dinner, the group walked home sopping wet. It was welcomed because Macau is not Seattle. Everyone had their umbrellas out but tonight felt much like home. I spent my Spring Break/Holy Week bonding with family in Hong Kong, eating what locals eat, met up with an old friend from Beijing and going to church.

Chesca dressed up and braided all pretty for Holy Week.
But ultimately, I spent the break inside playing Gran Turismo 5, admiring how cute and intelligent my niece Francesca is, and literally taking a break. I tried braving Hong Kong by myself, though without my roommate Jesse (more on that later), it was as if Hong Kong told me "No." I went a couple blocks in relatively ok rain gear but decided to find a coffee house after the rain became more than a heavy downpour, read Richter's biography (courtesy of Ludmila) and enjoyed some coffee to stay awake.

For the record, despite the implication of Wet Monday, it is sunny and dry. Hopefully I didn't jinx it. Dreams don't become goals until telling someone, so I will say it: I will bike across the Northern Tier of the United States this summer. I might skip over some of the middle of U.S. because it's flat, boring, and probably a waste of my time from what I hear. But who cares? If you do have experience with this part of the U.S., let me know through this blog, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, or Skype, and I'll personally discuss this part of the U.S. with you.

Until next time.

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