Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Episode 2: Student Teacher

This is my blog post prior to leaving for Macau:

Leaving for Macau, I become more anxious, excited, sad, and happy all at the same time. Before my application for studying abroad, I had not considered teaching in the classroom; I had set myself on establishing a piano studio, teaching part-time, and working a "regular job" the other part-time.

Life works in many surprises. It is why I am most excited about teaching. Sure, I am going to be in Asia, bringing my bike, blogging, eating exotic foods, meeting new people, and living in a completely new environment, but I am eager to apply my education to influence and hopefully effectively teach these Macanese youngsters how to play the piano.

I can tell you for the longest while, my heart was set on being a touring concert pianist- travel around the world, well-dressed in a tailored tux, eating fine foods, playing the staple piano concerti and serving the international public with my different recital programs would be the life, like a waiter serving made-to-order five-course meals. Part of me still has that desire. It's the hopeless romantic in me.

But I have found life is about balance. Sure, I have sacrificed many hours in the practice room for sleep, food, friends, and even homework, but the older I got, the more apparent it became that lifestyle was not healthy. When it comes down to it, my love for tinkering, cooking, reading, tea, cycling all have to be fulfilled to do that. And a it doesn't take rocket science to figure out there's enough time in a day for all that!

People are uncomfortable with change. The unknown is coming. It's a welcomed change for me because it fulfills areas of my life I haven't been able to pursue. I am no expert, but I like to think everyone likes routine to some degree. My current morning routine, if allowed to, can stretch through the entire morning:

1) Waking up usually before my alarm, since I was sleeping on the couch. This ranges to getting up around 6am to, more recently, 9am. I boil water for tea, and have the traditional Filipino breakfast of egg, meat, and rice. I always use basil and pepper, sunny side up, sometimes over easy, and simple frozen breakfast sausage.

2) I prefer loose leaf tea, but have almost run out; I'm holding out on Macau as I hear they specialize in tea. Green is my usual go to tea, though I like matcha, rooibos, and darjeeling.

3) Shower and groom. And maybe more tea again.

By this time, it's already late morning, or even lunchtime. Then I go through the eating process again and leave for Chamber Choir.

The most exciting thing about this experience is everything that is unknown. Many people would think that would be the most stressful thing but for some reason I'm ok with not knowing everything before I get there. I don't know my weekly schedule, nor do I know how I'll get to the ferry. I don't know whether biking is suicide or if it'll be bicycle friendly; I'm bringing my bike anyway. We'll see how it turns out.

Until next time.

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Chris said...

Travelling with a bike is such a great experience. It's such a great way to see everything. I do a lot of touring on my folding bike in Europe. I don't know about Asia, but it's so easy to go on the trains in Europe with it too. Easiest way to get around, by far.